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Universal-body-mount-bushings, buy energy suspension 9.4102g universal mount: body bushings - free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Energy suspension energy suspension 2 black soft bushing universal complete isolator mount set includes 4 pcs. bushing, 4 pcs. washer and 2 pcs. sleeve, if you are building a lightweight car like a "t" or an "a", mounting the body may present a problem. these neat expanding rubber universal body mounts allow you to drill a 3/4" hole in the top of the frame, insert a 3/8" coarse bolt, tighten, then the body is mounted. not recommended for cars newer than 1934.. Energy suspension's hyperflex polyurethane is a stronger material for a body to frame mount bushing. polyurethane is able to handle the constant beating a body mount takes and is not vulnerable to road grime or uv rays. with energy suspension's body mounts, you can protect your body to frame attachment, and your smooth ride, for years to come., mount material is made of hyper-flex™ polyurethane, for use as isolator mounts on applications such as obsolete body mounts, kit cars, truck beds, tool boxes and many other similar applications. (see diagram for specific parameters.) two complete mounts per set- 4 metal washers, 2 metal sleeves, 4 polyurethane bushings..

The oe (original equipment) body mount bushings are made of rubber to absorb the most harshness from the road but the shape-changing force that those bushings soak up will eventually deform or crush them. when that happens your body will sag on the frame and seem lower on one side or your cab and bed won't seem to line up anymore., these fit the transmission to crossmember mounts on my 89 astro van. you still need the rubber "bagel with a stud" single center bushing. these replace the two side bushings on the trans mount..

Find body bushings with rubber bushing material and get free shipping on orders over $99 at summit racing!, body mounting pad kit . p/n: 70-3200-48 kit, body mounting. twenty-eight (28) piece set. original copy, made from rubber with steel core. kit includes twelve (12) each of part #60-0119-48, two (2) each of part #60-0188-48, and fourteen (14) each of part #60-0189-48..

Radiator mounting pad kit. p/n: 20-0772-31 pad kit, radiator support to frame. fits 1973-76 f100 2-wheel drive, but will work for f250 through f350 but must add extra metal washers.