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Summer-wine-ninebark-bush, sku #2994 summer wine combines the fine texture and compact branching of physocarpus nana with the dark foliage of physocarpus diabolo. season long purple foliage is covered with soft pink flowers in late summer.. Ninebarks (physocarpus spp.) are deciduous shrubs attractive year-round as they display blooms in early summer, colorful foliage in summer and fall, and exfoliating bark during the winter. pacific..., an exciting improvement to ninebark, summer wine combines the fine texture and compact branching of physocarpus 'nana' with the dark foliage of physocarpus diabolo. smaller than other ninebark varieties, summer wine is an easy way to introduce wine colored foliage into the home garden. it is fast growing and has few, if any, pest problems..

Summer wine® is showy and extremely hardy and is prized as a landscape shrub and as a cut flower. this compact ninebark looks amazing in a large container and it's very cold hardy. in most places, you can leave it out all winter. give it lots of water in late fall before you get freezes., the summer wine® ninebark is an outstanding choice to add bold color and rich texture to any style of landscape. plant as a specimen or focal plant or add to a mixed bed or garden. the purple leaves are a superb contrast to any plant, green, blue, or yellow. this dwarf ninebark is the perfect centerpiece plant to build around..

Many gardeners know ninebark as an undistinguished shrub with ordinary green leaves, white flowers, and fall fruit. but ‘seward,’ sold under the trademark name summer wine tm, has outstanding burgundy leaves and pink flowers that bloom in early summer. this plant is super tough and makes a stunning focal point in a summer border., common name of ninebark is in reference to its ornamental attractive exfoliating bark. summer wine is noted for its deeply cut, wine-red foliage and its dense, free-branching, mounded growth habit. it is the result of a cross between p. opulifolius ‘nanus’ (seed parent) and p. opulifolius ‘diabolo’ (pollen parent)..

Ninebark, that is - because summer wine ® black has the darkest, most dramatic foliage yet. with its rich, saturated color and versatile habit, it's the ideal choice for accentuating your home's exterior. spring brings white flower clusters to contrast with the nearly-black foliage. upright stems and small foliage gives a fine textural effect., ninebark is a flowering shrub with four-season interest. this tough bush offers foliage in a variety of colors, as well as flowers that attract pollinators. get planting instructions and care tips for physocarpus..

By melissa king updated december 15, 2018 ninebark, also known as physocarpus opulifolius, is a medium sized shrub grown primarily for its interesting and colorful foliage. nurseries offer several...