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Star-jasmine-bush, a beautiful vine prized for its very fragrant, star-shaped, white flowers, and blanket of thick, dark green foliage. plant near a patio, terrace or entry where the fragrance can be enjoyed. in frost-free areas, train on posts, walls or trellises, or allow to trail along as a groundcover.. Star jasmine is a popular flowering vine in california and southern u.s. states, where it is used both on vertical trellis applications as well as a spreading ground cover. it is very fragrant and is known to attract bees. the fragrance is similar to that of jasmine shrubs, although this is a different group of plants., also called confederate jasmine, star jasmine (trachelospermum jasminoides) is a vine that produces highly fragrant, white blossoms that attract bees. native to china and japan, it does very well in california and the southern u.s., where it provides excellent ground cover and climbing decoration..

Star jasmine, native to asia and sometimes called indian jasmine, earned its name from the fragrance that smells a lot like jasmine that emanates from its blooming. its inflorescence is very beautiful and its evergreen leafage lasts all year long. this very beautiful climbing shrub is easy to care for and maintaining it is a breeze., the supremely hardy star jasmine grows anywhere - sun or shade - with starry white flowers and glossy emerald-green leaves. this easy-care viney shrub could take prizes for being the plant that goes anywhere. it takes the cold, the heat, the blazing south florida sun or a shady bed, even wet conditions. this is one plant anyone can grow..

Star jasmine is a versatile plant indeed. it can be trained to grow on a trellis, over an arbor, as an espalier against a wall or fence, as a border plant or hedge, to spill over a wall and it’s also suited to containers. the sweetly scented star-like flowers along with the gorgeous glossy foliage are its big draw., star jasmine (trachelospermum jasminoides) is a fragrant, evergreen climbing vine that thrives in mild climates. this fast-growing vine, also called confederate jasmine, can reach heights of 40 feet if supported on a trellis, tree or other structure. the small, white star-shaped flowers bloom in the spring and have a pleasing scent..

Jasmine bush care involves bright sunlight and moderately fertile, well-drained soil. the plant thrives in full sun to part shade. full shade isn't recommended since temperatures are cooler (and..., jasminum nudiflorum or winter jasmine is a type of jasmine that features shrubs that grow up to 4 feet wide and 7 feet high. what’s truly unique about winter jasmine is the fact that unlike most of the other jasmine varieties that are white-flowered, this species produces bright yellow blossoms. however, these jasmines are hardly fragrant..

Jasmines include a group of roughly 200 species from the jasminum genus, a sizable number of which are cultivated for ornamental landscape use. the group includes many flowering shrubs and vines, both deciduous and evergreen. the main appeal of the jasmines is their glossy green leaves and fragrant white or yellow flowers.