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Standard-gooseberry-bush, our wide range of gooseberry bush varieties can be viewed here the gooseberry is probably the most versatile of all the soft fruit bushes as it can be grown as a cordon, fan, standard or a traditional bush. that makes it ideal for everyone as it can be incorporated into almost any area with a little forethought.. Gooseberry 'invicta' is the number 1 outstanding gooseberry variety for home gardeners – and is now available in a unique standard form! grafted onto a long straight stem, the foliage and fruit will be produced in a ball atop the stem for a really unique productive, yet decorative display!, a true standard is a plant of the ribes genus of any currant or gooseberry in said compatible plant family grafted onto a stem grown from ribes aureus rootstock. what you have done (and very well indeed!) is merely pruned it into a single leg. it will still sucker from its base and try to reform as a bush. 21 apr, 2019.

Gooseberries are a hardy fruit and do particularly well in cool areas, where the fruit slowly ripens on the bush while its flavour develops and matures. despite very early flowering, they are reasonably resilient to harsh frosts, although planting in a frost pocket can reduce yields., gooseberry bushes have impressive thorns. the can be growing as a half-standard in a container to make pruning easier. gooseberries can grow into a very thorny, tangled shrub so keeping them pruned correctly is very important. they should be cultivated in the same way as blackcurrants..

Standard gooseberries make excellent plants for tubs. choose a pot 35cm (14in) deep and wide and fill with a loam-based compost. healthy shoots can be cut in autumn and early winter to use as..., rode is a family home handed down the generations and many distinguished horticulturists have passed through - in the rocky woodland dell to the west, gentleman gardener james russell limbed up ....

Available to buy at get grafting! instructional with david the good (learn 3 easy grafts & lose your fear of grafting) - duration: 48:15. david the good 140,873 views, gooseberry bushes are easy to grow, produce a large amount of fruit for their size and will tolerate partial shade conditions. they are self fertile, so one bush can be grown on its own. gooseberry bushes are also well able to withstand harsher conditions (both temperature and wind) than many other fruits..

The standard gooseberry hinnonmaki is self-fertile producing an abundance of medium to large juicy green fruit mid summer. this popular variety has a high disease resistance. the medium sized berries have an exquisite sweet taste when ripe with a tangy outer skin. can be used for culinary purposes.