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Red-twig-dogwood-bush, red twig dogwood shrubs should be planted somewhere in your yard where they can be easily viewed from a window, to take advantage of their status as top-notch specimen plants for winter landscapes. for optimal display, it is advisable to grow them against a wall that receives ample sunlight from the south or west in winter.. Current year's growth features outstanding coral-red branches on a multi-stemmed shrub. yellowish white flowers are followed by small blue berries. bare stems create an attractive winter accent, and are a wonderful addition to seasonal flower arrangements., red twig dogwood: a field guide though it boasts four-season interest—with fragrant flowers, tiny berries and showy foliage—the red twig dogwood saves its best for winter, when its stems are on fire. a typical understory plant in forests and woodlands, cornus sericea thrills with flaming red or yellow twigs..

The red twig dogwood plant, also known as the cornus sericea is a shrub that truly is at its best during the winter months. the best growing zones for this perennial shrub are 2 through 9. the shrub reaches a height of between 6 and 8 feet., design ideasplant among low-growing evergreen shrubs with contrasting colors of lime, yellow and gold to help the blood-red stems of the dogwood stand out in the winter landscape. site next to ponds for a colorful reflection or plant in mass as an eye-catching front border to a natural wooded area..

Red twig dogwood bushes are called red twig because of its distinctive and attractive deep red branches, this beautiful upright shrub displays white blossoms in may giving way to bright red berries in the fall., redefine your landscape with the vibrant color of our red twig dogwood shrubs. set your winter landscape ablaze in fire-red color it's a shrub that sparks conversation...with fantastic winter color, weather adaptability, and drought tolerance, the re.

Growing a red twig dogwood is a great way to add spectacular color to the winter garden. the stems, which are green in spring and summer, turn bright red when the foliage drops off in autumn. the shrub produces creamy-white flowers in spring and berries that ripen from green to white by the end of summer., red twig dogwood accent shrub is ideal for creating contrast among low-growing evergreen shrubs with lime, yellow and gold foliage perfect for planting next to ponds for a colorful reflection, and mass planting to create an eye-catching front border in front of a natural wooded area.

A: that sounds like red-twig dogwood alright. this plant is in the same family as the much better known dogwood trees (cornus), except these grow as multi-stem shrubs in the 6- to 8-foot range....