Accent Chairs Ideas For Home

Low-maintenance-shrubs-and-bushes, this evergreen perennial totes white or purple coloring, and earns points in the low-maintenance shrub department for its adaptability in acidic soil. plus, as one of the first early spring bloomers, the plant welcomes pollinators. zones: 4-6. You can plant shrubs at any time of year, but to give your shrubs their best shot at thriving, plan to plant them as soon as the last frost passes in the early spring. your low maintenance ground cover might have special planting requirements, so check with your local agriculture office to get the latest information on when to plant., witch hazel is another low-maintenance shrub giving both spring and fall interest (although very little in summer). in spring, this flowering shrub is one of the first plants to bloom (a trait that is always highly valued in the north). the bush can be a standout for its fall foliage season if it is grown in full sun..

Place shrubs as intermediaries to create a smooth transition from large elements, such as the house and trees, to low-lying elements, including lawn and flowers., purple coneflower boasts striking blooms with reflexed purple petals that surround a spiky orange-gold cone. this drought-tolerant perennial does best in zones 4 to 8 and native to the central midwest..

Hydrangea are known for their bold and colorful summer blooms, but are a top choice for their multi-season show. in fall, the leaves turn hues of red and orange and come winter, the peeling bark adds interest to the landscape. oakleaf hydrangeas bloom on the previous season’s growth, so prune right after flowering in the fall or in early winter.