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Julia-child-rose-bush, julia child™ rose rosa hybrid 'wekvossutono' (floribunda) plant patent #18,473 sku #7529 this 2006 all-american rose selections winner produces full buttery yellow blooms from june through september.. The julia child rose is heat tolerant, with excellent resistance to blackspot and mildew. it is hardy (usda zone 4a through 10a). free-flowering, the rose is known for its old-fashioned form and sweet licorice fragrance. removing faded blooms (deadheading) forces the plant to produce more flowers., i planted the julia child rose bush three (3) years ago and let me share with you that it has been a steady performer. i live in boise idaho and planted the rose on the east side of the house. this floribunda is awesome with beautiful yellow roses with light scent that produce various shades through the bloom cycle..

Wonderfully scented, rosa 'julia child' is a lovely variety of floribunda rose with abundant clusters of fully double, cupped, buttery-yellow flowers, 4 in. across (10 cm), packed with 35 elegantly ruffled petals. blooming continuously and profusely from late spring into fall, the luminous blooms enjoy a delightful licorice-clove fragrance., julia child - the fragrance of this rose is a delight to the senses having a mild licorice scent. buttery golden yellow 4" blooms (petals 20+) cover this continual blooming plant. excellent in the flower bed or as a landscape specimen plant. aars ros.

This is the rose for all gardens. it has been trialed extensively and proves reliable in all us climates. the bloom color also goes well with many different hues, it's gorgeous in a mixed bouquet., it's appropriate that our floribunda rose julia child™ has buttery bold blooms and a licorice-clove fragrance its namesake would have loved in the kitchen. this 2006 all-america rose selections® winner produces very full blooms through the better part of 5 months, which makes it a compelling possibility for containers in warmer climates.