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Indian-hawthorn-bushes, indian hawthorn (rhaphiolepsis indica) is a small, slow-growing shrub perfect for sunny locations. it’s easy to care for because it keeps a neat, rounded shape naturally, without the need for pruning. the shrub looks great year round and becomes a focal point in spring when large, loose clusters of fragrant, pink or white flowers bloom.. Native to china, the indian hawthorn bush is a widely used ornamental in united states hardiness zones 3 through 10. prized for its rich evergreen foliage and fragrant flowers, the indian hawthorn..., indian hawthorn (rhaphiolepis sp.) is prized as a small, low-maintenance shrub or ground cover native to southern china and japan and cultivated across u.s. department of agriculture plant....

Indian hawthorn is an excellent shrub choice for urban landscapes in warmer climates (usda zones 7 to 11). it is a focal point of the spring landscape in spring when it is covered with large clusters of fragrant white or pink flowers. it is a beautiful small shrub year-round since its foliage is evergreen., indian hawthorns (rhaphiolepis species and hybrids) are mostly low-growing, evergreen, flowering shrubs. with a dense mounded growth habit, they are ideal low-maintenance plants for use in small gardens and foundation plantings..

If one lives in the southern part of the united states as my husband and i do, there is a great evergreen flowering shrub called indian hawthorn that you might wish to consider when planning a landscaping project. not only is it a hardy bush but it is also drought resistant once it becomes established which is especially nice to know., sku #6960 this easy-to-grow and versatile large shrub with handsome, glossy, deep green foliage produces huge clusters of fragrant, pearl-pink flowers in spring. perfect for planting along driveways and parking medians where reflected heat is an issue. useful as a background shrub, privacy screen, or small tree with single or multiple trunks..

Indian hawthorn is an evergreen shrub that that grows from 2 to 5 feet tall and is often used in landscapes in warmer climates. this plant features dark green, leathery leaves and is covered in white or pink star-shaped flowers in the late winter and early spring., raphiolepis indica rugged little indian hawthorne is a breeze of a shrub - no green thumb required - that makes it a staple for south florida landscaping. a very low maintenance plant, this small shrub is the perfect plant for the armchair gardener. it goes almost anywhere - sun to partial shade - and puts up with cold weather and dry conditions.