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Honda-accord-compliance-bushing-replacement, buy honda genuine bush, fr- compliance: control arms & parts - free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Lots of research and checking and it all pointed toward something call a compliance bushing by honda. basically this is a failure point for accord/tsx after time. you don't need a complete failure,..., suspension control arm bushings replacement cost the average cost for a honda accord suspension control arm bushings replacement is between $239 and $359. labor costs are estimated between $131 and $167 while parts are priced between $108 and $192. estimate does not include taxes and fees.. Honda dealer wants $500 for two lower compliance-bushing replacement. i got by with $25/two bushings, $6/grease, $15/sand paper-angle grinder, $180/schley special tool/hawaii shipping and additional $30/bolt. initially, i had no problem taking off the old bushing but putting on the new one was a bit too much., it's very common for the front compliance bushings to crack and require replacement. you will most often be notified after an inspection while your honda is in the shop for general maintenance. some honda owners have reported noises from the front suspension at low speeds and over bumps as well..

Your honda's compliance bushing is a round metal encased rubber bushing that lives at the front of the front lower control arm. it's job is two-fold. first, this bushing helps provide a softer connection between the lower control arm and the chassis of the warning: california proposition 65