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There are several types of drill jig bushings such as: press-fit bushings, renewable bushings, liner bushings, and more. each of these bushings serve different purposes ranging from being permanently installed to being utilized on long lasting production runs., a drill bushing, also known as a jig bushing, is a tool used in metalworking jigs to guide cutting tools, most commonly drill bits. other tools that are commonly used in a drill bushing include counterbores, countersinks, and reamers. they are designed to guide, position, and support the cutting tool.. Head press fit bushings have a head/shoulder on the drill entry end. head prevents heavy axial loads from forcing bushing through the jig hole. flush mounting is possible by counterboring jig hole to fit bushing head. slip fix removable bushings - type sf, drill bushings, also known as jig bushings, are hollow shaped cylinders used to guide and align counterbores, drill bits and reamers into a workpiece without bending..

It is a good item for small projects, but i tried to drill holes in a 4 inch block and the exit holes were off. tried to use stabilizing nails that came with kit and plastic cracked when the guide is pushed through., drill bushings carr lane press-fit bushings are permanently pressed into the jig plate and are generally used in single operation drilling or reaming. press-fit drill bushings come in 3 variations including press-fit, head press-fit and serrated press-fit bushings..

Carr lane’s gun-drill bushings are used on a variety of gun-drilling machines including, eldorado, drillmation, dehoff, and lahr. these gun-drill bushings are like sf renewable bushings, except reversed, with the drill bearing at the bushing’s head end, which contacts the workpiece.