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Different-types-of-bushes, welcome to our types of shrubs database where we list many varieties of shrubs. below you can scroll through 99 different types of shrubs. each listing includes an image and key growing information below in a table.. There are flowering evergreen landscaping shrubs that provide year-long color and bloom in the spring, summer, and fall. other types of perennial bushes are great low-growing border plants. you can also plant decorative bushes with various colors of leaves such as purple, red, and multicolored ones., homeowners new to the task of plant selection may be overwhelmed by all of the types of shrubs there are to choose from. with so many choices available, how does one know where to begin in making an intelligent selection? it can help to start with the basic shrub categories and what they tell you about plant behavior..

Shrubs are typically bushy style plants, some of which can be pruned into ornamental designs, while others do better when left to their own natural shapes. shrubs can be categorized into two essential groups; evergreen and deciduous., there are primarily three types of shrubs: broadleaf evergreen, needled evergreen and deciduous varieties. since these distinctions may also apply to trees, it is helpful to note how shrubs differ. a tree has a primary trunk that branches and is topped with foliage. a shrub has multiple stems protruding from the base, also topped with foliage..

Colorful foliage and berries keep a garden interesting even in winter. from common lilac to exotic hybiscus, discover 12 shrubs offering year-round color., azaleas are another type of flowering bushes. they are often known as the royalty of the garden. azaleas have thousands of varieties and have various colors, like pink, red, orange, purple, yellow and white. azaleas are one of the few species which are extensively different from species to species..

Trees and shrubs 31 flowering shrubs for year-round color help your landscape flow from late winter to fallwithout a lapse in color by choosing a variety of flowering shrubs with different bloom times, including azalea, hydrangea, buckeye, rose and more. selections are generally organized by bloom time from early spring to late winter., whether you live in the snowy north or the sunny south, evergreens provide year-round color, texture, and privacy. there are thousands of types of evergreen bushes in every imaginable height, shape, and color—and while they tolerate a wide range of conditions, be sure to choose the right plant for the right place so yours will thrive..

Shrubs are a key foundation planting for many gardens. they offer structure and organizing points; many also supply year-round color, as well as food and shelter for wildlife. but selecting the right shrub for your landscape and particular gardening need can be difficult. luckily, the better homes and gardens plant encyclopedia provides information that will help with both practical questions ...