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California-lilac-bush, ceanothus, commonly known as california lilac, offers almost everything a gardener could wish for in a shrub: free-flowering, lovely foliage, ease of cultivation, drought and salt tolerance. fast growing, these desirable shrubs draw attention with their stunning flowers.. Ceanothus, or california lilac, is a vibrant, attractive flowering shrub native to north america and found across the west growing wild. one of the facts on california lilac is that it is not a true lilac in the genus syringa, but it does produce amazingly fragrant blooms from late spring into early summer., you guessed it -- the california lilac (ceanothus spp.) is native to california. known also as blue blossom or mountain lilac, it is perfect for the gardener who tends to neglect the garden a bit.....

Regarded as one of the best california lilacs for gardens, award-winner ceanothus 'concha' is a dense, evergreen shrub noted for its abundant clusters of deep blue flowers in late spring and early summer. opening from reddish purple buds, the flowers are so profuse that they literally cover the bush, transforming the plant in an explosion of blue., ceanothus or california lilac is a popular evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub with usually dark green foliage and masses of bright blue flowers in late spring and summer. an excellent plant for seaside and coastal locations as well as most other temperate climates..

A beautiful evergreen shrub for sunny coastal gardens. dark cobalt blue buds appear in late spring, covering the dense, dark green foliage with deep blue flowers. this vigorous, upright grower makes a terrific tall hedge, screen or windbreak.