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Bushes-that-smell-good, many shrubs that smell good are also lovely to behold, and they come on all sizes and hardiness levels. the best fragrant shrubs for your area will include many summer bloomers. for example, butterfly bush (buddleja davidii) is a popular shrub with very fragrant flowers.. 10 shrubs that smell as good as they look - plants that deliver sweet scents - posted on october 3, 2018, philadelphus coronarius is one of the more popular mock orange bushes to grow, but the buckley's quill cultivar is one of the better performers. buckley's quill has double white flowers that give off a smell that will remind you of an orange (thus the common name of "mock orange")..

With a passel of common names like carolina allspice, sweetshrub, strawberry shrub, pineapple shrub, and sweet betsy, there’s clearly something fragrant about this plant. this is a large shrub (6’/1.8m tall and wide) with attractive glossy foliage and unique dark red flowers from late spring through summer., shrubs are a great addition to a garden or to a property just standing alone. they add color and interest and attract critters from butterflies and birds to insects. moreover, some smell so good..

Lonicera japonica plant smells wonderful lonicera japonica is another member of the honeysuckle family that thrives in zones six through nine of the usa. its fragrant flowers are a favorite food of bees and hummingbirds. if you prune after it blooms, more flowers will emerge., from scents of jasmine to pineapple, these fragrant shrubs are a breath of fresh air.. Those hubs of activity outdoors—like patios, pools, and decks—are perfect places to add sweetly scented plants for ambiance.forget the candles and citronella.—we're talking about fragrant plants that remind you and your guests why it's so enjoyable to be spending time outdoors instead of in., michelia (michelia alba) – one of the few trees which are fragrant, the michelia tree is known for its sweet perfume smell and beautiful canopy. the flowers give off a scent all day long and are especially potent at night. the michelia flower extract is used in one of the most expensive perfumes in the world, joy perfume..

Viburnums are tough as nails, and these spring-blooming shrubs offer pretty pinkish-white flowers with a distinctively spicy scent.