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Bushes-that-bloom-in-spring, the 'golden oriole' (rhododendron 'golden oriole') azalea bears light yellow-orange flowers that bloom in early spring, and it develops red-orange foliage in the fall. this flowering shrub can reach a height of 6 feet with a spread of 4 to 6 feet. it's a good plant for attracting hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators.. Thanks to beautiful varieties with rich purple or bright gold foliage, ninebark is a flowering shrub that is just as popular because of its leaves. it produces fluffy clusters of white blooms in late spring and early summer. the blossoms usually show up best on dark-leafed selections like 'diablo' and 'center glow.', bushes & plants that bloom from spring to fall. wise gardeners grow bushes and plants that bloom from spring to fall, then sit back and relax, enjoying a garden full of color while others are ....

Jasmine-scented blooms adorn the arching branches of sweet emotion ® abelia in mid-to-late spring, and you’ll be bowled over by their fragrance! glossy green foliage turns an attractive orange-red in autumn. hardy in usda zones 4-8, this shrub reaches heights/widths of 5-6’ and is the perfect specimen plant to showcase your good taste., thriving in zones 3-7 (with some varieties hardy to zone 2), potentilla starts its parade of blooms in late spring and doesn’t let up until late autumn. the five-petaled single flowers resemble wild roses, and indeed it is a member of the rose family. however it is much more carefree than roses..

Annual spring flowers. most annual plants love the heat of summer, but there are a few you can find who like the cold of spring. pansies. these delicate blossoms love the cool of early spring, and they are ready and willing to brighten up your easter window box or porch display., viburnums are some of the toughest shrubs out there, and these spring-bloomers have pretty white to pinkish-white blooms with a distinctively spicy scent and attractive reddish fall foliage. they’ll tolerate some shade. plant where you can enjoy the fragrance or as part of a shrub border. why we love it: fragrant white-flowering shrub.

Spirea comes in many colors, but the dainty blooms of 'bridal wreath' white flowering shrubs are breathtaking. when the tiny bunches of white blooms drip profusely from 'bridal wreath' spirea, it conjures up pleasant images of wedding finery. it typically blooms before or as it leafs out, welcoming the spring season., if you’re looking for a spring-flowering shrub, a lilac or rhododendron is an excellent choice. lilacs are some of the best smelling shrubs you can grow, while rhododendrons are evergreen bushes that thrive in partial shade. below you’ll find even more spring bloomers..

Scientific name: berberis thunbergii this is a dense deciduous shrub, that has deeply grooved brown, spiny branches which have a single spine at each shoot note. the leaves of this shrub are oval-shaped and very small, and the flowers are pale yellow, which produce edible glossy bright red berries, that contain a single seed.