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Bush-with-purple-flowers-perennial, among the various kinds of butterfly bush (zones 5 to 10), you can find deeper, more truly purple flowers than you can in the rhododendron genus. in fact, some are so dark as to approach the status of black flowers. buddleia davidii black knight is one particularly dark cultivar.. Salvia grows on a four-sided stem, paired leaves with spikes of tubular, two-lipped purple flowers. they bloom best in the summer and prefer full sun or light shade. they can grow anywhere from 18-48 inches tall, making these plants a serene look in your garden., spring hill nurseries deep purple colored foliage midnight rose coral bells (heuchera) live bareroot perennial plant (1-pack).

There are many shades of purple, so therefore, a wide range of shrubs. the shrubs most used in landscapes include butterfly bushes (buddleia), lilacs (syringa), rose of sharon (hibiscus sgriacus), and russian sage (perouskia)., purple flowers - hundreds of purple flowers to choose from. spanning the range from violet to maroon, to blue purple, to pale lavender, there are plants with purple flowers for all tastes from mild to wild. purple is traditionally the color of royalty and magistrates, but also is synonymous with mardi gras. so enjoy purple perennials in your garden..

Late-blooming purple perennials produce flowers from august until september, though sometimes blossoms last until the first killing frost. catmint (nepeta spp.) blooms in late summer with tall spikes of violet to blue flowers. this relative of the catnip plant has fragrant flowers and foliage and grows from 12 to 36 inches tall.