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Bush-willow-tree, combretum erythrophyllum from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia combretum erythrophyllum, commonly known as the river bushwillow, is a medium to large-sized, spreading tree found in bush along river banks in southern africa. it is planted as a shade and ornamental tree in south africa and the united states, and is propagated by seed.. Combretum, the bushwillows or combretums, make up the type genus of the family combretaceae. the genus comprises about 370 species of trees and shrubs, roughly 300 of which are native to tropical and southern africa, about 5 to madagascar, some 25 to tropical asia and approximately 40 to tropical america. the genus is absent from australia., one of the winged wonders belonging to the bushwillow family, this medium-sized tree is a fast grower, producing creamy flowers and beautiful 4-winged seeds of a greenish brown colour when young and drying to a honey-brown..

A wide spread, fairly common shrub, up to 4m tall, which grows on both deep sand and loamy sand. the leaves are relatively large compared to other combretum species., the bushwillow tree is common in northern kwa-zulu natal. it does not usually grow in groups, but where there is one there are often others close by. it is a deciduous tree (drops its leaves at the end of the growing season). it never gets very large or conspicuous, but can grow up to 12 metres high if the conditions are ideal..

Looking more like a willow shrub, the pussy willow is a flower-bearing tree. generally described as an ornamental tree, the pussy willow grows up to 25 feet high with up to a 25 foot spread. the tree grows fast and needs a lot of sun to thrive. it is capable of growing in various soils, including soil with poor drainage., river bushwillow. common names: vaderlandswilg (afrikaans), hiccup nut genus: combretum species: erythrophyllum the combretum erythrophyllum, or river bushwillow, is a member of the combretaceae family..

Yellow willow is a shrubby form that may approach the size of an upright tree. it is a favorite food of moose, elk, sheep, and beavers. it occurs naturally across much of western and central north america, and it is sometimes planted to repair areas that have had floods, erosion, or other problems., radiant red stems make red willow hedge a standout during the dull dreary winter months. during the summer month, it's covered in green leaves. like all other willows, red hedge willows are very fast growing. grows to 12' tall..

The bushwillow blooms during september in greenish-yellow axillary spikes. these sweet fragrant flowers have been seen to be in bloom during february and march, and it may therefore be possible that they bloom