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Burning-bush-hedge, burning bush is a multistemmed shrub with a rounded shape. it has oval leaves that narrow at the tip and base. the leaves are a medium green in the spring and summer before turning to their trademark bright red in the fall and dropping off the shrub for the winter. tiny yellow-green flowers bloom in the late spring, though they aren’t showy.. Burning bush grows well in usda plant hardiness zones 4 to 8 but can become invasive in the warmer ranges. burning bush plants may get 9 to 15 feet (2.5 – 4.5 m.) tall and are suitable for full sun to partial sun locations. any soil type, including alkaline, may support burning bush growth., new spring hill nurseries burning bush (euonymus) hedge kit, live bareroot shrubs, green foliage turns red in fall, 2 ft. to 3 ft. tall (3-pack).

Dwarf burning bush hedge - direct gardening sizzling red color in the fall! in spring, a cloud of tiny yellow flowers cover the entire bush, followed by dense, jade-green foliage all summer. autumn leaves turn a brilliant crimson-red that will outshine all other colors., description: offering dramatic colour and texture through the seasons, burning bush is a longtime favourite among landscapers for planting along foundations, walkways and property boundaries. its leaves are emerald green when they emerge in spring, providing an excellent backdrop for nearby perennials..

Dwarf burning bush hedge hardy, easy-to-grow hedge has four-season appeal! in spring and summer, it's a beautiful dark green. in fall, the foliage turns a fiery red and red berries appear.