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Blueberry-bush-fertilizer, blueberries like a higher acid soil. for this reason, you should be using a high acid fertilizer, especially in an area where you have had to amend the soil in order to lower the ph enough to grow your blueberries. when looking for a high acid blueberry bush fertilizer, look for fertilizers that contain ammonium sulfate or sulfur-coated urea.. In its second year, your blueberry bush can absorb more food. use a complete, balanced fertilizer for acid-loving plants and increase the amount of fertilizer for each application during the second..., blueberries are acid-loving plants, they need fertilizers that lower the ph level of the soil. this is often found in the nitrogen of most fertilizers. however, don’t use just any fertilizer that has nitrogen in it. blueberries respond best to an ammonium form of nitrogen..

Blueberries need fertilizers with an n-p-k ratio of about 1-1-1. blueberry bushes also need iron and magnesium. if the fertilizer you buy does not end up delivering enough magnesium, make sure to supplement with mgso4 which can be found in your local pharmacy sold under the name of epsom salts., a special blueberry fertilizer is the 16-8-8 combination, which refers to the amount of nitrogen, potassium and calcium it contains. if that is not available, buy a 10-10-10 fertilizer. apply about five ounces of fertilizer per plant. blueberry bushes that have become chlorotic need an application of ferrous sulfate or iron chelate once each year..

Jobe’s organics 9364 fertilizer, 6 lb jobe’s organics 9826 fertilizer, 4 lb what is the best time to fertilize blueberries check the ph level of your soil around your blueberry plants yearly to see if the soil needs amending. if you have just planted your blueberry bushes, you can wait about a month until you fertilize them for the first time., established blueberry plants (2+ years old) once established, blueberries like acid-forming fertilizers such as an azalea food, or an organic plant food, preferably one that contains iron and/or sulfur, which help to maintain an acid soil. since blueberries are very sensitive to over-fertilization, take care to not to apply too much fertilizer..

Fertilizing blueberry plants fertilizing is an excellent way to replenish the natural nutrients in your plant’s soil. we recommend a solution of stark® blueberry special fertilizer, which is specifically formulated for blueberries. note: this is part 6 in a series of 11 articles.