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Barberry-bushes-pictures, sep 7, 2015 - different varieties of barberry bushes. see more ideas about barberry bush, shrubs, plant catalogs.. If you’re looking for an interesting shrub that offers low maintenance in the garden, then look no further than the barberry (berberis vulgaris).barberry shrubs make great additions to the landscape and are known for their rich color and year-round garden interest., there’s a reason why barberries are among the most popular shrubs around. in fact there are five reasons: they’re super-hardy, deer don’t love them, their small thorns make them an excellent barrier or hedge, they do just fine in sun or partial shade, and they come in all kinds of hot and cool colors that add plenty of interest to the landscape..

Barberry shrubs are excellent hardy landscape plants that thrive with minimal care and maintenance. they come in many shapes, sizes and colors and can be evergreen (foliage all year) or deciduous (leaves drop in winter). the three main types of barberry shrub are red-leaved, gold-leaved and green-leaved (evergreen)., if you think of barberry plants as primarily useful for defensive hedges, think again.crimson pygmy barberry (berberis thunbergii ‘crimson pygmy’) is utterly gorgeous with deep crimson leaves that turn even more brilliant shades in autumn.dwarf barberry shrubs like this will light up your backyard and contrast beautifully with lighter, brighter plants..

Barberry shrubs are used so extensively in landscape design for good reason: they come in a wide array of foliage colors, are exceptionally drought tolerant and pest-free, and they have so many uses in landscapes and gardens., the barberry is a hardy garden shrub. barberry is also known as berberis or pepperidge bush. barberries are well known for their thorny, wiry branches.. A species profile for japanese barberry. forms dense stands that compete with native trees and herbaceous plants (ward et al. 2009)., barberry shrubs or bushes, also known as berberis or pepperidge bushes, belong to a genus that contains about 450―500 different species of deciduous and evergreen shrubs. they are known for their thorny ‘barbs’ and wiry branches, and hence, the name ‘barberries’.they are often used as fencing or for setting boundaries between yards..

When to trim barberry bushes?. barberry (berberis) is a superstar plant, according to sonoma county master gardeners, who selected the shrub as a top choice for sonoma county. barberries get top ...